Tuesday, May 29, 2012


A week or so ago summer really began for me. It was a georgeous, warm day...the water was so calm and the fish were biting!
This was the catch of the day. A nice big walleye on opening weekend. We could go home satisfied after Steve caught this guy.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Night shift

Tonight is a particularly slow night in the ER...so much so that I'm actually able to blog. Its almost 0400am and I'm fighting the overwhelming desire to sleep. My eyes want to close and if a doctor comes in here and asks me to do something its gonna take alot of will power to make these legs start moving again!
Night shifts are really good times to think and pray though. Rarely in the ER do we get nights like this..usually the nights are a lot like the days..so I've been thinking a lot. And praying..a little... Kinda reminds me of my spiritual walk sometimes. Like when Christ told his disciples to stay awake, pray and wait for him in the garden. The night he was betrayed by Judas. Its comforting to know our Father never sleeps nor slumbers. Yet discouraging how I am always prone to want rest. Instead of running hard for him, instead of denying myself, staying awake and praying..I always fall asleep!
Christ is our sleepless interceder and for that I am grateful. Only 3 more ours left. Gonna turn Pinterest off..and spend some time with the One who always works nightshifts.