Thursday, July 29, 2010


About 3 years ago my sister Lauren and I decided to get the word "faith" tattooed on our feet in memorial of our Mom who passed away from cancer in 2005. "Faith" was not only our Mom's name but it summarized her entire life. She loved the Lord dearly- it just radiated from her! So it was great when Mom's sister Kathy and her two girls Heather and Kaleigh decided to get the tattoos as well. Now we all have the same tattoos in different fonts (to personalize them a bit). It was a special day, and it sparked a lot of good memories about Mom.

Monday, July 26, 2010

"It all started out so positive...."

Today was another gorgeous day in T-Bay (rhyme not intended), so my Dad decided to try out his "new" boat and take us all fishing. I say "new" because it was my Grandpa's boat but due to never using it decided to hand it down.
Cloud lake was the destination and the day started out perfect: starbucks, picked up Rob (our chum and fellow-adventurer) and filled up on gas. I think I even announced in the truck: "this is all starting out so positive!" When we arrived at cloud lake it was a little windy but still warm and sunny. Perfect!
However, things took a slight turn for the worst when Dad tried starting up the motor. It sounded quite pathetic...instead of a roar we got a putt..putt.cough.death. So I decided to take some pictures for this blog to pass the time. I was in the middle of telling Rob to smile when Dad yanked on the motor stringer with all his might. Not realizing I was one foot behind him, his fist connected with my face/hand/camera sending my camera flying across the boat and my hat into the lake. Dang...
That was the worst of it though, I was able to rescue my hat and even though my camera lense is dented it still works..most of the time. We actually had a successful fishing trip- MariAnne had the blessed rod and caught 4 bass, I caught 1 and the boys caught nothin. (Secretly pleased about that) Jumped off the boat and swam a bit and that successfully redeemed what could've been a dicey fishing trip. The outdoors is so beautiful its overwhelming sometimes! Feeling so blessed to be here.

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Yart Sale

Today my friend Randi Lynn was selling some of her art at this community art sale in T.Bay. Right next to the "yart sale" was the finnish fair or something where all things Finnish were being displayed. I hope R.L made a killing today 'cause Yale ain't cheap! (yup she goes there, attending this fall!)

R.L was always artistic and over the years her talent has really developed. After majoring in fine art at Northwestern University in Minneapolis, Mn she found her own artistic style - then she applied to Yale for her Master's in Fine Art. Apparently they liked what they saw. So excited for her!

Friday, July 23, 2010

This one's for you Beck...

So this is my second attempt at keeping a blog, I'm hoping this time I'll be more dedicated to it.
Basically I plan on doing random blogs on whatever I feel like and in the end keep my life going ons, interests, musings etc. somewhat organized. If other people care to take a gander I just hope they're amused at the very least!

What's in a name?
The title Paradox of foolishness came to mind when I was reading 1 Corinthians, specifically 1 Corinthians 1:18- "For the word of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God." I'm probably going to blog about a lot of randomness but I want people to know that at the core of my life is Christ and without Him everything would be meaningless. Its the gospel that makes life have purpose and life and joy. To those that don't understand that truth... its just foolishness.

Who the heck am I anyways??
The name's Kathy Dibbley. I'm from Thunder Bay, On, Canada..grew there, went to school there.. but moved to Toronto over a year ago now. Getting used to city life has been an adventure in itself but throw in being a nurse in an ER and there's never a dull moment! You meet so many different characters in an Emergency Dept. and in Toronto, there's never a lack of diversity. I love it... it satisfies my cravings for change and excitement.
Toronto's a great place to be for a variety of reasons.
Reason #1 Amazing food. Enough said.
#2 Pearson Int'l airport (I love to travel)
#3 Most multicultural city in the world
#4 Music music music!!
Downsides- smog, traffic, lack of bush and clean water (eww Lake Ontario..)
Yup. You'll also notice my Surfline wigit sidebar thing- that's there because surfing is an amazing sport... and if you're ever craving the ocean you need to go to surfline and pretend your surfing. mmmmm surfing...

So this ends my first post! yay for blogging!! To all my faithful followers (that would be you Beck) stay tuned for more! lol