Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Steve and I celebrated our 1st anniversary on Easter Sunday. Yes, Jesus did eclipse our celebration. I hope that is the theme of the rest of our married life together too - Jesus eclipsing all the good and bad.
It was a lovely year. We heard horror stories of first years of marriage but to our relief ours was great. We had so much fun getting to know each others' quirks, being able to snuggle together for warmth during an epic winter, being work out buddies, devotion buddies...everything buddies!

Some highlights and things I am thankful for:

- our Costa Rican honeymoon
- Steve's cleanliness
- watching seasons of  24 together...until someone got impatient and then watched waaaayyyy ahead of me.
- winter fireplace snuggle times
- lazy morning breakfast and coffee together
- when Steve talks in a Korean accent...kills me every time!
- shopping for our new home and decorating
- excited greetings when either of us return home from work
- working out together
- Steve saying, 'please don't steal the blankets tonight'. He's so polite
- Steve making Korean barbecue for dinner
- snowboarding trip for Valentines day
- serving together at church
- praying for our friends and family every meal
- love our apartment
- Penny - the dog we pretend is ours but actually lives upstairs with our landlords
- debriefing about our day before we fall asleep

Of course, things weren't all rainbows and butterflies but we definitely learned from the hard times. We went out for dinner and reminisced about the past year at the Keg Sunday night over nice juicy steaks. Then, to start off year two, we're heading to California next week for some good times with Dad and MariAnne and some surfing and fishing :)