Wednesday, February 24, 2016

When the Daddy's away...

In an unfortunate turn of events Corrie and I have found ourselves without our beloved man of the house for the next little while. He had to fly to Korea this morning to be with his Dad who is very ill with cancer. This is one of those moments in life that catches you off guard but we're trusting in God and praying our way through this time.
I don't cope well on my own for long. I like it for a little bit and then the cabin fever hits hard. So today despite the rain/snow me and Corrie went out to Chapters. 
We got soaked but came home happier with a fun bath mat and 3 new books. 
Then I put that little babe to bed and decided to make chocolate chip cookies. After the first batch I knew my mind wasn't in the game because they came out flat as pancakes. I realized that when I split the recipe in half I forgot to split the amount of butter in half...soooo they're delicious...but they may kill you. Heart attack in a cookie!

Corrie and I are going to plan the rest of our time together now. Looking forward to some sweet Mama and Coco time.