Monday, July 6, 2015

Baby Girl

June felt like the longest month I've had in a long time. It felt extremely full and busy, but in reality it probably wasn't. Steve and I welcomed our first child, Corrie Faith, into the world June 2nd. She entered the world quite dramatically, after 12 hours of labour via emergency c-section. Since my epidural stopped working I went under general anesthesia for the c-section so my first meeting with Corrie is very dream-like. I remember it though...and the intense and immediate love I had for her.

Since that day little Corrie has occupied all my time and thoughts. It's been an exhausting intro to parenthood but so good! When I feel like I'm so tired I can't move I just see her little face and suddenly I can do whatever she needs. I definitely appreciate my parents in a new way. It's hard caring for a little human! Speaking of my family...they were such an amazing support this month, God's gift of grace to us. They loved on us and especially Corrie like crazy and now that they've gone home we miss them so much.

A new chapter of life, and I can already tell its going to be the best.