Wednesday, February 18, 2015

It never stops

When we initially told my Dad and Step-mom that we were expecting they congratulated us, then my Dad said something along the lines of: "and now let the worrying begin".
I didn't understand exactly what he meant but gradually I started to get it. At first I was worried about miscarrying, then if baby was still alive in there and then after she started kicking I'd worry if I hadn't felt her in like 1/2 an hour. Did you know babies sleep in the womb too? 
Lately, I've started thinking about how much I just like her being in there. I just carry her around and she's safe, sheltered, and fed. I can't wait to finally be able to see her and hold her, but I can't help but be more aware than ever just how unsafe and impure the world is that she's entering. It's a beautiful world created by God, one that I'm excited to show her...but one I'm also afraid of her experiencing due to its imperfections. 
I want her to have a perfect world. Wouldn't that be nice? These thoughts have been stirring in me a more intense desire to be closer to God. Sooner or later my baby is going to discover her Momma is as flawed as this world is. I just also want her to discover Christ and the hope of He gives to her and all of us. I want her to see purity in me because of Him. 
I definitely can't protect her from everything, but when the worrying starts I can pray to the one who can. Who already knows all the hairs on her head..and who loves her more than me.
I never anticipated how motherhood would ignite a new passion and appreciation for my Saviour. I'll have to thank Baby later.

Psalm 103

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lotsa love

Valentines Day just passed. I was working for the majority of the day, and it was a cold, looooong day. Steve and I hadn't made any plans for V-day other than we'd celebrate the next week when I was off. So when I arrived home after work and felt heat streaming out of our living room I wondered if  there was a fire. Technically, just many little fires. Candles! Everywhere!

Steve really out did himself this year! Such a sweet guy. :)
In other news, I'm now 26 weeks preggers! Things have gone relatively smoothly thus far. Baby is extremely active and shares her Momma's love for chocolate judging by the excited kicks I get.

Lotsa love :)