Monday, July 26, 2010

"It all started out so positive...."

Today was another gorgeous day in T-Bay (rhyme not intended), so my Dad decided to try out his "new" boat and take us all fishing. I say "new" because it was my Grandpa's boat but due to never using it decided to hand it down.
Cloud lake was the destination and the day started out perfect: starbucks, picked up Rob (our chum and fellow-adventurer) and filled up on gas. I think I even announced in the truck: "this is all starting out so positive!" When we arrived at cloud lake it was a little windy but still warm and sunny. Perfect!
However, things took a slight turn for the worst when Dad tried starting up the motor. It sounded quite pathetic...instead of a roar we got a putt..putt.cough.death. So I decided to take some pictures for this blog to pass the time. I was in the middle of telling Rob to smile when Dad yanked on the motor stringer with all his might. Not realizing I was one foot behind him, his fist connected with my face/hand/camera sending my camera flying across the boat and my hat into the lake. Dang...
That was the worst of it though, I was able to rescue my hat and even though my camera lense is dented it still works..most of the time. We actually had a successful fishing trip- MariAnne had the blessed rod and caught 4 bass, I caught 1 and the boys caught nothin. (Secretly pleased about that) Jumped off the boat and swam a bit and that successfully redeemed what could've been a dicey fishing trip. The outdoors is so beautiful its overwhelming sometimes! Feeling so blessed to be here.

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