Tuesday, August 7, 2012

25 Things

The topic of my birthday came up the other day. I can't remember why or how it came up but this upcoming birthday is kind of a big deal because its my quarter of a century birthday. The big 2-5!
I definitely have mixed emotions concerning this. It scares me, it excites me, it scares me, makes me hopeful... sometimes I want to build a bunker I can crawl into on October 2nd because the world is going to implode or something, but lately I've been mostly ambitious.
My friend Peter suggested creating a list entitled: "25 Things to do before I'm 25."
So I decided to do it.

1. Run a half marathon                                      8. Do something that terrifies me
2. Sign up for a course                                     9. Finish a whole book in a week
3. Learn 10 new Korean words or phrases                     10. Memorize a Chapter of the Bible
4. Paint a picture                                          11. Learn to play a song on the guitar
5. Write a letter to Linda W                                12. Send a care package to my sister
6. Go evangelizing                                              .......
7. Save $$

I won't put the whole list on here.

Most of my list is full of things I've needed to do for awhile but procrastination got the better of me. Some of the things are just plain fun, while others are things I know will push me out of my comfort zone.
To be honest though I just want to go into the next stage of my life loving God more. They say the older you get the more you realize its not all about you. Maybe its because when you're younger the world seems like your oyster. You're busy establishing your life or you're filling your time with fun and adventure. Then as you get older and the responsibilities start piling up you start thinking less about yourself and more about the people who depend on you. I think that's actually a positive change. I remember the first sermon I heard by my old pastor, Paul Martin (p.s he's not old...but I switched churches so he's my former pastor). He said at one point in the sermon: "nothing kills love like selfishness". Authentic love is sacrificial, its selfless. To take up your cross and follow Him is the most rewarding life you can live. A life spent in pursuit of the God who first pursued you will only end in glory. Romans 8:18-39
I only have about a month and a half to complete my list so I'd better get going on it. It encouraging to think that God's going to continue to change me for the better. Its a reason to look forward to 25, or to even look forward to tomorrow.


  1. #25 - Tell SteBo what numbers 13-24 are... =D

  2. I would. But then I'd have to kill him! :l jk!! I need Stebo's help to complete this list so I gotta keep him alive and well. I'm going to stop referring to you as 'him' now. Its getting weird. lol Thanks for reading my BLOG!