Saturday, January 5, 2013

The first test

Fellow humans. I hope if you are reading this today you are feeling as excited about 2013 as I am.  New Years are worth celebrating and being excited for!
Today I woke up extremely groggy and still partially annoyed from working the old Night shift in the ER. One of my New Year's resolutions was to have more love and patience for my patients. This requires me to be constantly in God's word and communicating with Him because, believe me, almost every shift I am pushed to the limits of my patience.
I came home from Christmas in Thunder Bay with a lot of love to give to people. I was refreshed! Excited! Pumped to share the love of Christ with everyone!
It was going so well until last night.
There was a 90 year old man with a bowel obstruction. He was partially deaf and had an anxiety problem. Even when his wife was in the room he called out constantly. He would yell "Nurse!" every time you walked by his door. Then his wife left and we had to insert a Nasogastric tube to decompress his stomach. Goodness. Our conversations went as follows:

What is happening to me? I am an old man! Where is the doctor? I know I will die soon, just let me die. I promise you I am not a gangster. When is the doctor coming??
The doctor saw you an hour ago and will be back in the morning after your CT scan is done.
The doctor will see you in the morning.
Come closer I cannot hear you!
The DOCTOR will SEE you in the MORNING!
The doctor will see you in the morning.
Nurse. You are so lovely. I could be your grandfather. Please help me! Where is my wife?? What is this (*pulls at tube in nose)??? This bed is going to kill me!
I turn around and walk out.

*Patient vomits.*

Nurse! There's Blood! Look! There's blood in the vomit!
No..that's the chocolate I told you not to eat.

3 hours later, after many of the same conversations:
What is this???? *Patient is holding Nasogastric tube in hand. The whole thing is out of his nose and dripping all over him and the floor.*

Heavens! Well even after last night I know there's hope for more patience. Prayer is key. On nights like last night, talking to God reminds me that I'm not alone. That God loves me and that man in bed "D". Also, I plan to bring a bible in my bag everyshift...sometimes I forget it at home and then I totally regret it!

Another New Years resolution is to blog more consistently. One thing I'll be doing is everyweek I'll be posting my favourite Pins of the week from Pinterest. I am a huge fan of Pinterest! I want to share the treasures I find on there.
I also recommend watching Les Miserables for those who haven't already seen it. SEE IT! :)

Happy Saturday!

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