Friday, August 20, 2010

Summer lovin

Aahh weddings. It's one of those events that seem to characterize summer, due to the abundance of people who choose to say their vows in warm sunny weather. Understandably so, and I look forward to summers due to the added romance we get to witness.
I always admire the people who are such risk-takers as to attempt outdoor weddings. Its such a gamble! However many do and all the outdoor weddings I've ever attended have had fair weather...I think God is at hand in this.
My friend Sarah and her then fiancee Andy (now husband) decided to take the plunge outdoors last Tuesday in Duluth, Mn. It was worth the risk for the end result was breath-taking. Sarah has always wanted a destination wedding on the beach. Both her and Andy love the ocean and travelling so it seemed a suitable idea to both of them. However due to family being unable to make the trip, the pair compromised and had a destination wedding 4 hours away in the USA, on the banks of Lake Superior.
The weather was perfect. I was so happy for Sar- it was a weird feeling to watch her walk down the sandy toward the man we talked and wondered about growing up but never knew. So cool to see God put the right person in her life at the right time (he always lived a couple kilometres from her her whole life). Marriages continue to be an added reminder of God's sovereignty and goodness. He can take two imperfect people from any background, match them up and make a team who will be happier and more glorifying to Him together then they were individually. A marriage where that is evident is awesome to witness.

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  1. Lovely pictures Kath... Looks like it was a perect day!