Monday, August 30, 2010

Leaving Your Blog Unattended

Right now, I am shopping with my cousins from Thunder Bay.
Meanwhile, back at the computer that I forgot to shutdown, my father is happily writing on my blog. He thinks that one of the dangers of blog writing is that you could forget to sign out and then someone - posing as you - could write something that might not truly reflect your paradoxical foolishness.

So, as I am merrily being lured to spend my hard earned dollars on that one item in a row of many yet to come - guaranteed to secure my momentary happiness... he is villain-like typing away. There is a odd smirk on his face. He thinks he is so clever. He is imagining what it will be like when I come and discover this. I don't think it will be as eventful as he imagines but let him type away. Small things amuse ... well you know.

The truth is... that my father is leaving me and we won't see each other for months. He is probably thanking God for me and praying that God would lead, strengthen, and bless me. He is probably fighting a tiny tear and remembering the days when I didn't live so far away, wasn't so independent and all that stuff...

Well, I will just let him play away... let him smirk like a little boy... and I will delete it later... when I find it.

1 comment:

  1. Dear Dad. This warmed my heart. therefore it will stay on my blog. It will stay and be a constant reminder to log out after I am done. I'm no fool! I will learn from my mistakes!
    luv you.
    miss you.