Saturday, April 16, 2011

Gospel Coalition

I just got back from a week of being fed spiritually, and I'm full. I need some time to digest.

The Gospel Coalition was in Chicago this year and its over-all theme was preaching Christ from the Old Testament. For me, this conference offered a break from the old schedule and gave me a chance to evaluate how I'm serving Christ and the church where I'm placed in Toronto. To listen to a diverse group of speakers with unique ministries was great. It was interesting to hear Timothy Keller speak about the need for churches in urban centres and how the majority of the world's population is now in cities. Cities have become huge mission fields.

Then my head had to make the connection between learning heavy theology by D.A Carson, Al Mohler etc.. and how that transfers into urban ministry..or any ministry for that matter! They addressed that in a panel discussion. Thank goodness. Dr.Mohler spoke about the need for seminary training to give pastors both bones or structure for their ministries and also (maybe most importantly) the practical experience within a church. Seminaries that can help head knowledge become heart knowledge have got it right.

I admire a professor like Dr. Carson who has such a desire to examine the Word as God meant for us to know it. Why else should there be a conference like the Gospel Coalition? I know that Carson's intent was not to fill us with empty theology...such a thing does not exist. The study of our awesome, gracious Father should excite us. To see how God played out history in order to display Christ is crazy! Crazy beautiful. It should equip us with a passion for spreading the love of Christ.
So this is what I'm digesting...I need to pray...pray for a connection between what I've learned and how I speak, work, live.

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