Monday, November 21, 2011

It never ceases to amaze me how fast we can travel to places that seem so far away. Currently I'm in Honduras, sitting on my sister's bed. Blogging. It took me a bit longer than usual to get here though because I spent a night in Washington, D.C ...the more stops and lay-overs..the cheaper the flight.
However, in the end I don't think I ended up saving much money.

My plan was to spend the night in the airport in Washington (I arrived at 11pm and would depart at 6am). I've done it before with a group of people on the way to Africa and such so I thought this would be a fine idea. On arrival, however,I realized that this in fact was a poor life choice. Maybe it was the homeless lady who managed to get into the airport with her home-in-a-shopping-cart who asked me for food that threw me off..or the fact that everything was closed and only a couple cleaning staff were there that just made me a little uneasy.
In any case I ran outside the airport and hopped on the first (and I think the last) shuttle to come along. It took me straight to the Holiday Inn! There I enjoyed some TV, a comfy bed and 4 hrs sleep.
They were so nice to me there. The H.I. staff could probably sense my distress so they gave me a deal and even started the shuttle early so I could make my 6am flight.
So I made it to Honduras in one piece. The landing was the scariest landing I've ever experienced though!  It's so good to see my sister. I'll try and document my time here as much as I can. So far all I know is this place is beautiful and maybe its because Lauren's here but I feel right at home.
I just hope my luggage arrives soon.
The last I heard it was still in Washington... oops.

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