Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Yesterday was my first full day here in Honduras. It was so cool to see my sister teaching and to meet all the kids in her class. Apparently they were very misbehaved  but I thought they were pretty good! They all seemed extremely smart and creative...and hilarious! Laur's got her hands full but it's evident she's the girl for the job.
After school we had a quick nap then headed down the mountain with a few of Lauren's friends to play BINGO! Random right? Apparently her friend Richard used to volunteer for the special olympics and this was a fundraiser for it.

The Hotel it was held at was beautiful and right across the street was a mall with stores like 'zara'
and 'old navy'. A stark contrast from many of the neighbourhoods we had passed on the way there.
I was thinking I may dub this trip 'the trip of many blonde moments'.  Bingo was fun but I can tell you that I didn't make any new friends there. Apparently when they explained the rules of the game they said (in spanish of course) that you would be asked to leave if you yelled BINGO pre-maturally or if you didn't actually have a BINGO. In all my excitement and compeititiveness ..I did just that. I yelled 'BINGO!' the second I had a complete row. The room full of dark haired hondurans turned to look and hissess erupted when they realized my mistake. I think my sister died of embarrassment. At least I wasn't asked to leave!  Another character building moment in my life.
Let's hope today is full of fun and no blonde moments.

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