Saturday, February 15, 2014

An ice storm and a trip to the beach

oh hello again.
I've sat down quite a few times to type something since I last posted and felt speechless. Like I don't know how to gather my thoughts.
A lot has happened though that's made me thoughtful and thankful.

Let's start with Christmas.
It was our first Christmas together and Steve and I made plans for making it one to remember! Well, all those plans got flushed down the drain when a massive ice-storm hit 3 days before December 25th knocking out our power...and all of our area of the city's power. My iPad also got stolen. I slept over at my friend's apartment one night and while we were out Christmas shopping the next morning someone broke in and ransacked the place. They stole some very sentimental and special things from my friend and my iPad. Not cool.
The day after this happened my sister flew from Honduras to spend the holidays with us. She said the power outtage reminded her of Honduras so at least she felt right at home.

(My friend Peter's house covered by a fallen tree)

It's amazing how fragile our society is! Take away electricity for a couple days and it's all pandemonium and chaos! The local mall seemed like the local charging station. Every outlet in the mall was being used to charge people's phones, laptops..etc.  But I digress..

Friends of ours from church let us stay with them because they still had electricity. That ended up being lovely. Church family to the rescue! In an attempt to not let our Christmas decorations go to waste we loaded them up in our car and took them with us! It was a lot of work and driving but we did celebrate Christmas....and all the extra work that went into it definitely was a bonding experience.

Fast forward a couple weeks later and Steve and I were in Florida, enjoying a lovely visit with my
parents. The rest and relaxation there was amazing. I got to run by the ocean every day, Steve fished
and we both got a break from our schedules back in Toronto.
I love being able to step back once and awhile to re-evaluate life, and that's exactly what I did in Florida. Before the trip I felt like I was drowning in tasks and responsibilities and guilt. I was overwhelmed. Going to Florida felt like hitting the reset button. Sitting by the ocean, I only added one thing to my agenda: to enjoy God and worship Him.

I miss the beach right now, and the simple, peaceful life down south. There, I was reminded of God's presence though - and that He is with me...everywhere I go. So I got home to start 2014 with a renewed sense of peace and purpose. I could easily get overwhelmed again but relying on God's strength both eases the load and gives courage.
No ice storm or first-world problem is capable of taking us away from our Saviour.

Psalm 100 : 5 (ESV)
For the Lord is good; his steadfast love endures forever, and his faithfulness to all generations.

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