Friday, October 9, 2015


My birthday recently passed as did one of my best friend's. She has a cool tradition of looking back over the last year and listing off all the things she's learned. So this year I want to do the same!
Since I spent most of my 27th year pregnant or with a newborn a lot of my learning experiences are related to that. So here's some things I learned and am thankful for:

1. Being handed your new baby is the most intense, wonderful, and heavy experience ever.

2. Certain experiences will awaken emotions inside you you never knew you were capable of.

3. God gives the grace you need.

4. Hold onto things with an open hand and be ready to roll with whatever big life changes God blesses you with. 

5. Momma's need encouragement!

6. Exercise and eating healthy are disciplines you'll thank yourself for later 

7. Canada's raw landscape is beautiful

8. I love living by the water

9. I'm such a sucker for watching it..following the WSL... everything about it

10. I love being married and who I'm married to! Our differences are crucial.

11. Labour is as bad as people say. (I feel like they need to debrief you more after labour...that's a crazy experience! Some women must get PTSD from labour!)

12. But nevermind labour...the 1st month after your baby's born is hard! They should make epidurals for the whole first month post partum haha but seriously...

13. Don't be defeated by your short comings and failures. Learn from them, trust God, be thankful and continue to go for it. 

Now on to learning some more, can't wait to see what my 28th year will bring!

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