Saturday, October 31, 2015

Fixer Upper

           I've been on a homemaking kick lately. Or a nesting kick..there are many terms people use for it. This came as a result of watching many many episodes of the show 'Fixer Upper' on HGTV. I've been just mesmerized by how Joanna and Chip Gaines take homes that are seriously falling apart and make them into the most gorgeous, personalized homes for families. It inspired me, what can I say?



      'The beauty is in the details' is a true saying. When Solomon built the Temple he didn't just erect a building filled with only the bare minimum practical necessities. He poured his time, his best resources and artistic creativity into designing and building a house for the Lord. How much attention we give to our creations reflects how much we truly care about them or who we're creating them for. It's a way to reflect Christ who has 'gone to prepare a place' for us, and who created a beautiful world out of chaos.

Walking into a home that has clearly had a lot of love and thought put into it is so comforting. I've been reminded lately that homemaking is a skill. It requires study, organization, coordination and's a big responsibility! But an exciting one. What kind of job is there that can have such a loving, personal influence on someone? Whatever stage of life you're in, you can create a space where people can be welcomed, and fed both physically and spiritually. It can be tempting to think there's no point in decorating but there is! We've been created by a very creative God - as Christians we can point others to Him through our creativity. We can love others through our thought to detail. 

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